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Local Search Engine Optimisation

For business promotion, local search engine optimisation is as important as its global counterpart. While getting recognition with the online global community of customers is essential for SEO, no less important is gaining recognition with the local customers.

This aspect is more important for the small and medium enterprises looking for search engine optimisation. While Internet has helped people overlap the geographical boundaries that were a big obstacle in effective business promotion, it has simultaneously helped the smaller and medium enterprises gain recognition online and compete with their larger counterparts.

Local customers are important because they are the ones looking for products or services in their neighborhood and you cannot afford to lose their attention for effective business promotion. While some of them are looking to meet their vendors due to geographical proximity, trust and goodwill are other factors that are important contributors in promoting business and in gaining the attention of prospective clients making people unaware of your existence till date; aware of your presence in the market.

In these days of computer and Internet most people desire to get their tasks accomplished with just a few mouse clicks or keystrokes. It also helps the viewers to find out their local dealers and suppliers, compare their services and get the best of it.

Local suppliers are often preferred by customers because they generate a sense of confidence and trust in them. Understanding the importance of local SEO, Mighty SEO has put in place tools like location modifiers and search that geographically constrained aimed at generating best qualified traffic for the website.

To accomplish this objective we use programs like citations, reviews, as well as place optimisation.

We thus help you compete successfully with your rivals in the business and on the web ensuring both rewarding results and ranking.  Professional developing team of Mighty SEO always conducts review of the website and its ranking until it reaches the top.

Our services do not terminate with just making your website reach the top. Our support and services are also available in post achievement period so that you not only reach the top but remain there for long.

Major local SEO services offered by us include –
  1. Google map listing;
  2. Local listing in other top search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN etc;
  3. Map listing optimisation;
  4. Research and analysis based on geographic keywords;
  5. Generating high quality inbound links from local websites;
  6. Competitive research as well as link assessment of optimisation of websites;
  7. Google review and rating enhancement;
  8. Selection of right process;
  9. Building up citations selecting the top directories on the web;
  10. Creation of niche pages like info, super, yellow pages and local directories;
  11. Addressing all the issues like duplicate, merged, and suspended listings among others; and
  12. Using appropriate texts, videos, photos, and graphics for promoting website.

If you want any further information; feel free to contact us over mail, phone, and FAX.

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